These are the stars of this here story. Since this is a buddy comic, there's not really a whole lot of other players in the tale. Other characters will be added as they make a relevant appearance in the comic.


Easily the more manic of our two protagonists, Hunter is seventeen years old, a high school junior. Reckless and carefree, it is his upbeat enthusiasm and criminal indifference that not only gets Suicide-For-Hire so much business, it ropes Arcturus into going along with the ploy. Where Arcturus is paranoid and careful, Hunter acts as though the wholesale "paid suicide" is nothing to hide from the world. He enjoys videogames and TV shows, especially cartoons. He has been obsessed with pornography ever since he saw his first breast at the tender age of thirteen, and he enjoys a good Jack Daniels and Crown Royale, although nobody has ever seen him drunk. He desperately wants the romantic attention of a beautiful senior by the name of Chryseis North, who is almost always too busy to acknowledge his affections and rarely will go out on a date with him, despite her subtle attraction to him. Oh, and he's a fox, by the way.





Easily spooked and afraid of consequence, Arcturus is the more cautious of the duo. Sixteen years of age, he too is a junior in high school, though he is often still confused for a middle schooler because of his short stature. Because of this, Arcturus suffers somewhat from Short Man Syndrome, feeling the need to prove his worth to more vertically-endowed folk. He initally wants nothing to do with the whole "Suicide-For-Hire" but somewhere between Hunter's crazed gumption and the customers' determination, he feels compelled to help them, despite his conflicting will. Maybe it is because of this conflict and his resulting internal paranoia that he is a smoker, but refuses any alcohol. Though he has no main girl in his life at the moment, his affections drift toward Morgan Webb, host of X-Play, his favorite show on television. And he's a mouse. I think. Yeah, he is.

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