September 15, 2010

Hey, all. Apologies for the severe lack of updates since July, I had a severe case of Real Life break out and I'm just about to recover. Just to let you know: I've recently had a helluva time attempting to procure my own house, and recently did so. It's still a pain in the ass attempting to move while working, and I realized recentl just how much NOTHING I have to move. Literally, I didn't realize home ownership was still so complicated even when you don't have a lot.

For instance, I have no furniture. Shouldn't be a problem, yeah? But then I have no space in which to work and my new desk area is taking forever to get to my new place. Stack that on top of the fact that in about a week the back yard quickly ceded all its ground to an invading army of weeds, and the area of desert in which I now reside is inhabited by an interesting assortment of bugs, both nonvenomous and otherwise, and my actions to remedy all have been quite time-consuming while still not being able to take time off from my job to get it done.

And all my furniture is taking pretty much until the next eon to get here. Funsies.

However, I should be done and moved in soon. I'm hoping beginning of October isn't too optomistic for the comic to return. In addition, I acquired a new computer and a new graphics tablet to aid things along - hopefully with the ability to draw right on the screen, I'll be able to breeze past the usually-painfully-slow inking process.

Thank you all for your time, and I hope to be back behind the desk sometime soon.

Before we end, just links to some old interviews I've given:
The Webcomic Review (a copy of the Frumph interview, but came beforehand)

My Twitter account:

As always, thank you for your patronage of Suicide-For-Hire.


-- Rafael Medina