Well, if you're not gonna be sticking around, then at least check these other places out. They include some of my favorite haunts and links to other comics. Check 'em out. Since you obviously don't wanna be here. Share in my decline from a decent human being.

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If you noticed sometime while surfing the archive that I seemed to make an obvious attempt to improve my illustrations, this is the most prominent reason for doing that. The stunning arts coming from the general direction of Kimberly Miller in this foray into comickery are what kicked my ass into gear on the self-improvement front. She has started another comic featuring her stunning art-age, so go read.
Catena, by Tracy Bailey. Another inspiring comic with excellent art that humiliates my own efforts. Be witness to the awesome.
Pronounced "Fox Paws." But it's not like anyone who has been here has never heard of it. Great artwork, funny stories, engaging characters, there's nothing more anyone else could ask from this comic.
The Whiteboard
One of the most consistently hilarious comics out there, and as far as I know (and choose to care :P) the only one delivering these goods in a nice paintball package. Read and laugh it up.
A film-noir-y (not a word but I don't care) comic where much of the world's population has disappeared and seems to have been replaced with anthropomorphized predators. By Ben Spence and Sarah Sawyer, who were kind enough to link to me without my knowing, hopefully this can begin to even things out.
Computer generated comic of mystery and the supernatural. Continuing story will keep you hooked, so give it a read.
Fanstastical Fantasy Webcomic of Elvenly Webcomickery Goodness. Adventure? Excitement? Drama? A Jedi seeks not these things, so if you are keen with the Force, stay away. But if you dare to revel in such amusements, head on over.
Cigarro & Cerveza
Hilarious comic from Tony Estevez, and it hurts that it has completed its run.
Lincoln City Retreat
A comic just beginning on its journey by SFH fan Kent McAbee. Go show some support.
Joe Satriani.com
My favorte musician, and my argument for the greatest guitarist of all time. Seriously. He is my hero, his playing is godly, he is not of this earth. Just go dammit. Catch his shows. BELIEVE.
Because they cared.
Because it's contractually obligatory. That, and they might be nice enough to link to my page.

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