Here you will find the sorts f things that don't fit under the other categories. Fan art, FAQs, and whatever else seems Miscellaneous-worthy can be found right here.
-- The Mofo


Illustrations and gifts from folks whose talents far exceed the illustrations of the comic. Thanks to those who take the time to create and send their work, I am grateful beyond words.

Hunter as imagined by the lovely and ever-talented Q, the only artist of whom I've heard who introduces herself on a first-character basis. I thank her from taking the time out of creating, oh, say half of everything under the sun to give us this piece; Hunter looking cool and possibly looking to fill a vacancy should the Reaper decide to retire? I borrowed the hairstyle for the December 27th, 2006 comic, so I am indebted to her for that. Q's current awesomeness can be found at Elven Lacryment, so go and be privy to excellence.
Gift art as done by the incredibly skilled and talented Kimberly Miller, whom you may or may not know assistant-inks some of the comics when she has time off from being awesome at that art school of hers. Hunter and Arcturus come across her Kat character from Imperfect Design, and temptation and hilarity ensue. You can catch Kimberly's other works at her deviantART account, found at
An excellent and unusual piece of art created by Raven Tanner, a marker work on material as fragile as Arcturus' delicate psyche. It's an excellent parallel, I must say. Enjoy. You may find more such works at, so go. Work like this should be encouraged. GO YOU!
Our leading vulpine with a bit of a more normal (read: realistic) palette swap, as graciously bestowed unto me by the gifted Kara Crane, whose other artistic endeavors may be seen at Thank you for the gift art, Kara! Many socks have now been rocked by your talents.


If I've been lax with responding to e-mail, it's becausee I've been inundated with messages prior to that. In order to divert some of these questions, here is a list of those which I am asked the most. But it'll be coming soon, I'm afraid.

Strips long gone. Buncha Random Shit. If ya don't stick around, check these places out. All death threats can be sent here. Character Mofos.
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